African eco safaris - Zimbabwe - The Area

Sentinel Limpopo Eco Safaris welcomes you!

What? African Eco Tourism/Photographic Safaris and Adventures for the whole family! For the ultimate in African photographic safaris, Sentinel Limpopo Eco Safaris offers a family adventure holiday in one of the most beautiful safari areas available to southern African eco-tourism.

Where? We are based on Sentinel Ranch on the northern bank of the Limpopo River in south western Zimbabwe - a pristine, unfenced wilderness area covering 81,000 acres (32,000ha) of diverse habitats and rich fauna and flora. This remarkably beautiful landscape includes stunning red-and-gold sandstone hills, 17km of Limpopo River frontage with thick riparian woodlands of enormous sycamore figs, nyalaberry and fever trees; vast savannah and scrub plains interspersed with ubiquitous and statuesque baobabs; wooded streams emanating from natural springs where antelope quench their thirst; mopani and acacia woodlands – all home to a myriad of African animals from great lumbering elephants and exquisite leopard and cheetah to proud, elegant kudu and delicately tip-toeing, cliff-clinging klipspringers.     


Summer - The Central Limpopo Valley is in a summer rainfall area, and at 500m above sea level, experiences hot and sometimes humid summers with temperatures ranging from 18-45˚C during the day. Hot as it is at…

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