SIZI - The Elephant Child

It was mid August when our old friends from Holland, the Rosemeijers, arrived to holiday with us at Sentinel.  We moved them into camp and spent some happy, halcyon mornings walking and driving through the Limpopo Valley bushveld, catching up on the years gone by since we had last been together.  What fun it was getting to know their children,…

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Barking Geckos

Digby and I, as usual, unarmed (which always settles on me with a mixture of relief and unease),   set off at about four yesterday August afternoon, sans the usual lively cavalcade of accompanying hounds, to an infrequently-visited valley in the red sandstone hills of Sentinel.  He had a mission, he had said - there something that he wanted me to…

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The River Crossing

There were three of us on that morning in June: my gorgeous cousin, Nicolette (born in England, heart planted in South Africa at an early age, now living in Atlanta, USA), her American-born, 19 year-old aspiring-actress daughter, Alexandra and I.  After a late start, we had set out on a game drive along the Phai River that runs through the…

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Floods January 2013

It's been a while since our last blog - mainly because our entries were beginning to resemble the work of a frustrated amateur weather reporter,  and I was getting tired of looking at the blue sky, day after day, wondering when, or IF, it would ever rain again! (My apologies to those readers who live in the UK, Nederlands and…

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