Poaching - the scourge of wildlife areas

One of the more unpleasant but necessary activities in managing a wildlife area is the ongoing battle against poaching. 

Contrary to the belief that it is done by poor, hungry peasants desperate for food,  most poaching on Sentinel is perpetrated by syndicates who do it for commercial gain through the sale of bushmeat which is dried and sold to farm…

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Relief - Soaking Rains!

October on Sentinel Ranch is traditionally a “grin-and-bear- it” month: crack-dry, windy and dusty. This year, more than any other in my memory, it has been just that. 


With little rain to speak of for over eleven months, we watched helplessly as the grazing that had carpeted the land from two previous abundant rainy seasons was scorched and disintegrated…

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Central Limpopo Elephant Herd Aerial Count

The clouds finally lifted and Dr Jeanetta Selier, elephant specialist, received last minute clearance from the Central Aviation Authorities of Zimbabwe to conduct an aerial count over the Central Limpopo Valley area, encompassing SE Botswana, Northern South Africa and SW Zimbabwe to scientifically ennumerate the elephants that reside in our Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area. I don't know if it…

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I feel like dancing - Early rain a delight!

An early thunder storm that boomed and crashed around us for hours at Sentinel this week finally graced us with a sudden, short downpour that shattered the silence on our tin roof in the early hours of  Friday, 6th September.  This is not to say that the drought is BROKEN, but our spirits have lifted with the delightful, fresh aroma…

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