Of droughts, aardvarks, lions and beads

We approached the dry winter months with some trepidation after the few short showers received during our rainy season failed to produce the carpet of green we so looked forward to, and upon which our wildlife depends. Seering heatwaves fizzled up whatever shoots grew, and as winter descended, the ground lay barren and uncovered. Large numbers of grazers - eland,…

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Summer stresses

All hopes for a green and lush summer at Sentinel have seemingly been dashed by the relentless drought that has hit the Limpopo Valley. Cloudless skies penetrated by seering sun have turned the fresh young shoots, that heralded the rainy season in spring, to brown. The large swathe of Limpopo River glides silently by, charged by consistent and heavy rains…

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Rare kori bustard nest found on Sentinel Ranch

Although kori bustards are a common sight at Sentinel Ranch, their breeding sites are not.

The Bekkens family, visitors to Sentinel last weekend, were privileged to find an active kori bustard scrape in a rocky outcrop when the parent bird alighted from the nest in fright as they stepped down from their Land Rover some meters in front of it…

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Summer on Sentinel

It's that time of year when we at Sentinel Limpopo Eco Safaris revel in the changing landscape that comes about with the rainy season.

This year, despite our Rain Dance (see earlier blog post), initial rains in October were nothing more than teasers, and we had to wait another six weeks for the real growing, greening, nurturing rains to arrive…

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