Zimbabwe Village Life - Community Visits

The rural community around Sentinel Ranch is a vibrant microcosm of rural life in Africa in general. Generations-old African customs and traditions are alive and well, and the rural folk of Maramani, Masera and Machututa Communal Lands are amongst the friendliest you'll find anywhere.   It's an educational and eye-opening experience for international visitors to witness life day-to-day in a rural village environment.

Though these areas are among the poorest in the country, being in a remote, drought-stricken corner of Zimbabwe, the African people living here are remarkably proud and happy despite the hardships they endure.  Traditional methods of basket weaving and broom making, transport (donkey carts), water extraction (bucket wells and hand-pump boreholes), draft animal field preparation and agricultural manpower, music and dance, traditional sorghum beer and malala palm wine production, food preparation (including mopani worms!),  mud-and-thatch homes, sangomas, village indabas (meetings), cooperative agricultural schemes and livestock management: these are all part and parcel of the real-life community experience, and our people are only to happy to share it with you.  While most (but not all) Zimbabweans speak English, Digby speaks the local language - Venda - fluently.  The locals get a kick out of interacting with him in the…

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