Huge populations of game spread through varying habitats and beautiful landscapes - Game Viewing

Within and around Sentinel’s extensive riparian woodlands, sandstone hills, scrub savannah, mopane forests and numerous natural springs occur some of this area’s most splendid wild life: the mighty African elephant, Livingstone eland, giraffe, Burchell’s zebra, blue wildebeest, greater kudu, impala, African buffalo, bushbuck, steenbok, grey duiker, nyala, waterbuck, sable, black-backed jackal, spotted and brown hyena, warthog, bushpig and the rock-defying klipspringer.  Smaller mammals such as chacma baboons, vervet monkeys, civets, genets, porcupines, rock dassies, antbears, springhares, bat-eared foxes, mongooses and badgers are common.  There is a strong leopard population, while the ever secretive cheetah and occasional African wild (painted) dog or lion may also be seen.

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