Dinosaur fossils, historical sites, Mapungubwe related archaeology, and Rock Art - Historical Sites & Fossils

Dinosaur Fossils, Rock Art and Archaeological sites are waiting to be explored with Sentinel  Limpopo Eco Safaris! 

Explore the ancient history of the Limpopo River Valley with Sentinel Limpopo Eco Safaris at Sentinel Ranch - the property is rich in Triassic Dinosaur Fossils, San Rock Art sites, Late Iron Age sites and Grain Bin shelters.

Dinosaur Fossils:  The sand and mudstones of Sentinel were laid down by geographical forces over 200 million years ago -  prior to the advent of  Continental Drift!  Trapped in these layers are the fossilised remnants of  a number of very early dinosaur species:  View the teeth and trace fossils of the 240-million-year-old Erythrosuchus - an early ancestor of the crocodile.  Fossils of the late Triassic prosaurapod, Massospondylus (210-190 million years old), lay like pebbles on the hillsides where their bones have tumbled from their ancient resting places.  A spectacular find was made some years ago where the well-articulated remnants of a Massospondylus lie trapped in a bed of  solid sandstone.  Palaeontologists from South Africa and Zimbabwe worked together to reveal its form from the rock that covered it. It lies in situ, a fascinating specimen from ancient Gondwanaland.   Sentinel is literally bursting with…

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